Sea Fishing Poole

Terms & Conditions


A payment is required in advance as follows:

Individual trips. 4 hour trip £20 per person, 7 hour trip £40 per person.

Charters. A deposit of 50% is required to secure any private charter.

Deposits/advance payments will be returned as follows:

Charters and Individual trips. Refunded in full when the skipper as a result of bad weather, poor health or vessel breakdown cancels the trip.

Charters. Refunded in full when the customer cancels the charter for whatever reason, providing at least one calendar months notice, or the customer cancels the charter within one calendar month of the trip, and the boat is able to secure another booking. Please note that a short notice cancellation of less than one calendar month which results in the boat not being employed will render the customer liable for 70% of the full charter fee and if cancelled within 48 hours the full charter fee.

Individual trips. Deposits and advance payments are non refundable unless anglers who wish to cancel their trips are able to find a replacement person to take their place. In the case of group bookings If less persons than the originally reserved places turn up on the day the full cost of the booking will still be payable. Anglers who cancel their bookings within one calendar week of the trip will be liable for the full cost of their booked places.

COVID 19. In the event of an individual or group cancelling as a result of testing positive for Covid 19, deposits for those not attending will be forfeit. Cancellation within 24 hours will be liable to the FULL COST of the booking.

Change of Boat. The operator reserves the right to change boats if deemed necessary for operational purposes.

No claim against the operator will be accepted in the event of Skipper illness, vessel break down of any event beyond his control, including any “Fish Species Bans” in operation at the time.

The skipper reserves the right to decide the type of trip or target species on a particular day. This will take into account weather conditions, which might be unsuitable for some types of specialist fishing.

Miscellaneous Information

The pickup point for all boats is at the Fishermen’s Pontoon, opposite the Poole Quay Hotel at the eastern end of Poole Quay. For GPS’s the postcode is BH15 1HD.

The Sea Fishing Poole Tackle and Bait Shop is situated next to the pick-up point and is always open for any boat departure.

PARKING. All day parking is available to the public in the car park behind the Poole Quay Hotel BH15 1HD (closest) but alternative car parking is also available in the Quay Visitors multi storey (centre of Quay) or towards the western end of the Quay and also at Baiter Park 5 minutes walk to the east of the shop.

FOOD, DRINK  & ALCOHOL. On longer trips some skippers may provide cups of tea if time allows but only ever when it is safe to do so. Anglers should not rely solely on this for their liquid refreshment and you are quite welcome to bring food and refreshments with you, however, safety at sea is a serious matter and some of our boats are not insured for the consumption of alcohol so please ask before travelling to avoid disappointment. Other than prescribed medication we DO NOT allow any drugs or illegal substances to be taken on board at any time. Failure to comply may result in the skipper terminating the trip and returning to the Quay. The skipper’s decision is final and no refunds will be given.

Please bring or wear suitable clothing. It can get very cold on a boat, even in the summer. The Maritime and Coast guard Agency states that all persons on board shall have protective clothing appropriate for the prevailing air and sea temperatures. Footwear should be waterproof and have non slip soles.

Keep an eye on the wind during the days leading up to your trip but please be aware that rain alone is not a reason for us to cancel. We operate a ‘No News is Good News’ policy so if you do not hear from us, then the trip is on. That said please do not hesitate to call or email Sea Fishing Poole if you have any concerns. The skipper has the final say on whether a trip needs to be cancelled (usually due to high winds). We will contact you on the day before your trip if a decision to cancel due to bad weather has had to be made. You will then have the option to receive a refund of your advance payment or the chance to reschedule your trip to another date.

EQUIPMENT LOSSES. In the event of major equipment such as Rods and/or Reels being lost overboard by a client or Guardian with a child or person under their charge, the client / Guardian is liable for the replacement at cost for any major equipment lost.