Sea Fishing Poole

Dolphin Watching

Dolphins are becoming an increasingly frequent sight within the waters of Poole Bay. They can show up anytime from around April and sightings have been reported as late as November. Initial sightings are always by chance as it is impossible to know where and when they will be seen. Sightings can sometimes be frequent over several days but sometimes there may be weeks between sightings.

Through ongoing contact with our skippers and boats, Sea Fishing Poole will be among the first to know if a pod of dolphins are in the bay. If we believe that the pod is likely to stay local for several hours, providing an opportunity for our passengers to see them, then we will run short notice trips.

These trips will be available to anyone subject to availability of places and will be advertised at very short notice on both our website and facebook group.

These trips may be at anytime but it is hoped that most will happen during the early evening.

Places on the boats will be filled on a “First come, first served” basis.

The cost to enjoy a dolphin watching experience which will last between two and four hours is £30 per head. If dolphins are not spotted during the trip, then you will only be required to pay £10 (Fuel costs).


Dolphin Watching Trips